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We have replaced all of the existing stage lights with LED lighting. These lights are more efficient and use about one-third the electrical power. The color selections for lighting effects can be adjusted at the control screen in the light booth. We replaced approximately forty-eight jell lights with twenty-seven LED lights. The cost of the theater lighting was about $55,000. Also several additional lights have been replaced around the theater with LED’s. Three additional spot lights were purchased and installed to complete the lighting requirements for the auditorium.
The retaining wall outside the theater leading into the overhead doors has been replaced. The air conditioner has been replaced in the lighting booth. The total Restricted Funds available as of January 16, 2018 is $12,790.00. We have the capital loan to pay off which take about $1500.00 every month. Thanks to everyone who has helped raise these funds and who has worked on our capital improvements.



Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets for the leg lamp from the production of Christmas Story. We made approximately $500 and was able to fund our purchase. Also thanks to all who donated items for the Christmas Raffle in the lobby. We hope everyone who purchased an item got something special for the holidays. The fund raisers will help support your local community theater.




1. Stone was placed in the parking lot to level out the surfaces. We spread over 80 ton of stone at a cost of $1,000. Thanks to all those who helped on this project.
2. The lift used on stage needs major repair. The motor was damaged and was replaced for $900.

3. Scenic Solutions reviewed our sound equipment and made several recommendations to the trustees. We are investigating upgrading the sound equipment.
4. The marketing committee has been visiting local festivals and requires a 10 ft by 10 ft tent or canopy when they set up the booth. If you can donate a canopy please let the office know.
5. Continue to pick up litter in the parking lot and around the theater.