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Trivia Night 
Saturday November 2, 2019 

Do you know how many states start with the letter ‘A’? 
If you have any idea at all you are ready for Trivia Night. Encore is hosting another night of wit and fun. There will be prizes and food to purchase. We hold this event as a fund raiser to help pay some of the capital improvements and other bills around the theater. Doors open at 6:00pm, games start at 6:30pm
Refreshments available for purchase. $10 per person or $40 for a table of six. Discount applies when tickets purchased together. Multiple tables must be purchased on separate orders for discount to apply per table. Click here for tickets.

New color for Encore Theate!
 Encore Theatre partnered with Visit Greater Lima and received a grant to paint the exterior of our building. This involved tuck pointing the entire building, a complete high pressure cleaning of the exterior, taping and masking all of the trim, doors and windows and a thorough spray painting of the building. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to scrape paint, power wash, tape off doors and windows and paint the building. The main painting was completed in July. As we try to update and improve the building we also keep in mind our on going maintenance of the building (see below). We are now considering painting the interior lobby and finishing the trim around the exterior.




1. Volunteers worked on painting the building in June and July (see above).
2. We are still leveling out the stone in the parking lot. The plows and general use has moved some of the stone around.
3. The roof leak is fixed. The rolled roof is the original roof and will need to be replaced.
4. The air conditioner for the auditorium was damaged by lightening and needed to be replaced. We rented an air conditioner to cool the auditorium for the production of Little Mermaid. We are now making plans to replace two compressors from the original units.
5. We are also investigating resealing the parking lot.
6. Please look around the property and pick up loose papers and trash.
7. With mowing season the theater crew will be cutting grass.
8. Weeding is a constant battle on the property.
9. The drains by the overhead doors have been cleaned out. Leaves and trash in this area cause the drains to back up and flood the theater. Also drains in the scene room need cleaning. The paint and bristles are a constant problem.